Teenagers From Dimension X

Last time I showed the start of my custom corrected Zak the Neutrino figure.
Now it's time to share the final piece with an extra photo of Zak with the 4 NECA TMNT to show the height of the figure matches pretty closely to how it should in conjunction to the turtles and the style trying to closely match that of the new NECA figures.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..impressed !!

Those pix are fine !!

Especially like the hair and arms !!

Very good, hawt !!

m. said...

Seriously, excellent job on Zak, vm!!!

Buffy said...

Very cool work!

And on a side-note: Awesome that you like Praga Khan too! They are very popular here in Belgium.

Vaughn Michael said...

Thanks Folks, Kala is the next one up and she's going to have a special little friend.

Buffy He is my all time fave!
I wish he would bring out a new cd already though.
The sad thing about Praga is though his cd's are no longer sold in the USA :(

Buffy said...

If you're looking for CD's I might be able to help you since I live in Belgium at the source :). Just let me know which CD's you're still looking for and I'll try my best.