Tokka for Tokka Part 1

This drawing of Tokka is for my good friend Tokka/Dave many of you know him.
He collects different artists renditions of his name sake and has been going through rough times as of late so as a gift I thought I'd take a stab at the character.
My Drawing is based off of the Jim Henson Companies animatronic costume.


Titanus Part 3

Just like the characters Story line, all good things must come to an end.
It took a very long time to paint this guy with finding just the right colors, brushes fraying, etc.
But here he is and I hope you like him, I tried to get him as close to how he looks on the show as possible with adding some extra detail.
I thought I'd toss in some images of Titanus vs. the TMNT & with Krang's Android Body from 1994 just for fun.


Titanus Part 2


Titanus Part 1

Titanus was a character that didn't last to long in the red sky seasons of the old cartoon but I still like how he looks and have always wanted a figure of him along with many others this is just the first in many figures I plan to make.
If you have no idea who Titanus is you can read more about him HERE, HERE, & HERE.
I'd like to give a bit of information on what I'm sculpting on top of to make Titanus.
I'm using a Dark Ages Spawn Ogre figure, he's pretty large and when a turtle is standing next to him it's a pretty good height for a figure of Titanus who is a really large character.

Here we have the start of the sculpt.