Complete Carnage

So this one I worked on for about 2 weeks as my schedule is very busy right now.
I used a DC Universe Etrigan the Demon figure for the base as it's been made known to me that this is the character Kevin Eastman was inspired by when creating Complete Carnage.
What I did to the figure was: sanded it down from head to toe, took off his bracelets, then went at the head sanding down the horns and nose, I pretty much sculpted a new face over the head extending the jaw so it hangs more like Carnage's does, added the little blocks on top of his head as advised by Ryan Brown (The Spiked head look came later and is sacrilegious according to him), I sliced part of the fin ear things off the side of his head as well to match the number Carnage had on his design, & I also added nipples to his chest as every time we see the character he's had them.
The paint was done using both glossy and flat acrylic paints and several washes of different shades of gray.
This was a very fun character to make and I hope I can make Radical some point down the road as well.
If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.
Oh and if you want to view the images in full size just click them.


Attack Of The Neutrinos (part 2 in 3 part series)

Well this damn figure (Kala) and her little Pet the Grybyx have taken me forever to finish what with starting a job and trying to get them as perfect as I can so I don't have to hear to much of "I'd have done it this or that way" and then having the Grybyx's arm's break off and having to resculpt him.
I've also been working on a set of 4 custom TMNT for Spitfire, Finishing a painting for a client, and just started working a cd design for a local band. So there hasn't been much time for me to do my own projects and trust me there are allot of TMNT customs I've got lined up.
I was never happy with how Kala was painted and the things she came with, that's why I did this.
One of the hardest parts was trying to do the cartoonish black outlines around the figures as I had to keep going back over and repainting color parts as the paint would get on a little to much.
The other thing that made this so difficult was the fact that the shade of green that they used on Kala's outfit in the show isn't sold in stores so I had to mix quite a few shades together for that and some other things like the Grybyx's eyes.
I really tried as hard as I could though to get these things to look as close to the show, so I hope you enjoy them.


Teenagers From Dimension X

Last time I showed the start of my custom corrected Zak the Neutrino figure.
Now it's time to share the final piece with an extra photo of Zak with the 4 NECA TMNT to show the height of the figure matches pretty closely to how it should in conjunction to the turtles and the style trying to closely match that of the new NECA figures.


Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X

I thought I would start sharing some of the things I'm working on and the first of them is a figure I've always really never been to happy with because of how it didn't look as it did on the show.
These are all the first photos of my custom Zak the Neutrino, I will be posting photos of the finished figure soon so please keep that in mind.
What I've changed so far on the figure is that I've cut off allot of the extra unneeded detail, sculpted a new nose on his face to match how it looks on the show, and the biggest things where his hair and shoulder pads.
I will also be fixing Dask, Kala, making Kala's Grybyx, as well as making the Star Mobile.
So keep an eye out for all of that as well as a General Traag figure to go along with this set also made completely from another figure.



Steve Murphy Asked Me what I think TMNT Retro should be so here it goes:
What I think a Retro line should be is a small list of the original cast of the old cartoon the TMNT, Splinter, April, Shredder, Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, a Foot Soldier, and Perhaps General Traag just to even things out a bit in the exact looks they had in either the very first episodes they had been in or during the later season of the show in the first season 8 episode "Get Shredder", I think the characters look top Notch around this time or a little before in the end of season 7.
I'd say give it a chance if it's successful try with a few more characters such as Leatherhead or Slash as they had been in the old toon style for 2 more series.
The title Retro is given because it is marketed towards older fans who grew up with the series and the casual viewer who goes wow krang or bebop I remember them from when I was a kid I want that it looks just like the show and is better than the one I had as a kid, which will happen as let's face it adults want quality items.We're talking retro for everyone but when it comes down to it, it's the adults who would buy these even on a whim.

But you really never know who's going to buy things and I mean no one does not even people who think they know, They want to make TMNT variants make ones like these ideas and not only will you have your variants but you'll be making allot of older fans happy as well and not only that but they will be much better updated versions hopefully done by Neca or by Playmates if they realize that today's action figure market is allot different than it used to be.
By that I mean that figures are very articulated for the most part or have very detailed sculpts and 9 times out of 10 look exactly like the characters they are based on and are in the correct height/ Scale with every other character in the series they come from.
I really can't stress that there is no better time than now to do this with the turtles anniversary around the corner, I feel if this is passed up now it may never happen.

The images are official style guides used for the 80's-90's cartoon series as well as some screen caps as examples of what I'm talking about.


Mama say have fun? aka Tokka pt. 2!

Moving along with my art for Tokka, painting has now begun.
Click for a larger detailed view.


Titanus's Last Stand

I entered Titanus in the Fan Art Contest over @ Ninjaturtles.com and won this week.

Just thought I would share with all of you.



Tokka for Tokka Part 1

This drawing of Tokka is for my good friend Tokka/Dave many of you know him.
He collects different artists renditions of his name sake and has been going through rough times as of late so as a gift I thought I'd take a stab at the character.
My Drawing is based off of the Jim Henson Companies animatronic costume.


Titanus Part 3

Just like the characters Story line, all good things must come to an end.
It took a very long time to paint this guy with finding just the right colors, brushes fraying, etc.
But here he is and I hope you like him, I tried to get him as close to how he looks on the show as possible with adding some extra detail.
I thought I'd toss in some images of Titanus vs. the TMNT & with Krang's Android Body from 1994 just for fun.