Cha Ocho

Well It's been awhile again..work and life get in the way of fun stuff like TMNT customs.
But here is Cha Ocho of Mirage TMNT Volume 4 & Tales of the TMNT Volume 2.

This was a character that I thought would be easy to make at first but ran into many road blocks when working on it.

The biggest problem was consistency which tends to be a problem when basing a toy off of a character that has been drawn by quite a few people.

Not to mention we don't see him in color very often, as the Mirage comics are black & white (besides the covers).
I had to take a bit from other images of volume 4 Foot Soldiers to bring it all together into something I was happy with.

This figure was made using a DC Universe Classics John Stewart figure and lost os sculpting (New hair, straps, katana sheath, leg armor, Arm armor, shoulder armor, foot and hand armor)

I hope you folks out there enjoy him as well.

More to come soon and I hope this time it won't be another 4 months.