The Unknown Ninja

Well here are are again and what's this? An old school cartoon custom!
I've not done very many as I was trying to focus on the Mirage cast first but when the latest old toon dvd was released I got inspired.
So here we have one of the most hated characters in the history of TMNT, Carter.
I'm not quite sure why he was/ is so hated but it seems as years pass and new fans come across the later episodes, the hate for Carter seems to fade just a bit.
While he's not one of my favorite characters, I always felt he needed to be represented in toy form.
He stars in seasons 9 & 10 which you can read about by clicking the numbers.
Season 9 is available for purchase HERE
To make this figure a reality I took 2 figures.
The first being Modern Starman from the DC Universe Classics line, I use his body as it's pretty much exactly like Carters.(A bit of sanding was done on the coat, sculpted the shirt to a longer length, and lots of paint.)
I had the idea the moment the toy was shown at toyfair some time ago, I sadly couldn't think of a head though until recently.
Dc Direct released the new Aqualad action figure from the Brightest Day series.
When I saw the prototype of this figure I just knew it would be the closest I'd ever get to a match for Carter without me sculpting a new head myself.
Mind you I did have to re-sculpt the hair which turned out to be quite a challenge.
So here he is and I hope you like him even if you hate him. ;)