The Unknown Ninja

Well here are are again and what's this? An old school cartoon custom!
I've not done very many as I was trying to focus on the Mirage cast first but when the latest old toon dvd was released I got inspired.
So here we have one of the most hated characters in the history of TMNT, Carter.
I'm not quite sure why he was/ is so hated but it seems as years pass and new fans come across the later episodes, the hate for Carter seems to fade just a bit.
While he's not one of my favorite characters, I always felt he needed to be represented in toy form.
He stars in seasons 9 & 10 which you can read about by clicking the numbers.
Season 9 is available for purchase HERE
To make this figure a reality I took 2 figures.
The first being Modern Starman from the DC Universe Classics line, I use his body as it's pretty much exactly like Carters.(A bit of sanding was done on the coat, sculpted the shirt to a longer length, and lots of paint.)
I had the idea the moment the toy was shown at toyfair some time ago, I sadly couldn't think of a head though until recently.
Dc Direct released the new Aqualad action figure from the Brightest Day series.
When I saw the prototype of this figure I just knew it would be the closest I'd ever get to a match for Carter without me sculpting a new head myself.
Mind you I did have to re-sculpt the hair which turned out to be quite a challenge.
So here he is and I hope you like him even if you hate him. ;)


Carter a work in progress

I thought I'd do some more old toon characters.
I know not many people like Carter but he's someone I've always wanted a toy of.



Hey everyone! A new custom finally!
This time round it's Pestilence of the four horsemen from the Archie TMNT Adventures series.
As you may recall I did a figure of Death a few years back.
Pestilence has always been my favorite of the bunch as his design is just so cool!(We can thank Peter Laird for that)
I do plan to make the other two horsemen in time, but I'm sad to say I'm going to be taking a bit of a break as of this post.
I won't be gone for to long though you can count on that. :)
I made Pestilence by completely sanding down a McFarlane Toys Total Chaos Quartz figure and sculpting over the entire body.
I got the idea for the texture of the figure from an old Toy Biz Spider-Man Swarm figure.
Though I did all of the texturing for this by hand.
I did try to leave as much articulation as possible but it wasn't easy with this one.
And while he isn't my largest custom he is by far the heaviest of the bunch.

I'm really happy with how he turned out and I hope you are as well.

You can catch Pestilence in TMNT Adventures issues #38, #39, & Mighty Mutanimals #6


"Bloodsucker is hungry for Turtles!"

This one took a bit to paint as I had to do more research than usual.
Bloodsucker is from Volume 1 of the Mirage Black & White comic books.
He never even got a cover from the issues he was in so figuring out how to color him was a bit of a challenge.
I decided to go with the color of a real leach instead of the wild yellow color given to the Archie TMNT series character Wyrm.
I went in this direction because most if not all Mirage characters use real life or earth tone colors for the characters.
The figure was made using a Marvel Legends Venom figure that I sanded down.
I replaced his hands and the front of the feet with those from DC Universe Classics Parasite.
The head is completely sculpted besides the mouth tendrils, those are made using little fishing lures.
Thanks for checking this out and up next is Pestilence!


Cha Ocho

Well It's been awhile again..work and life get in the way of fun stuff like TMNT customs.
But here is Cha Ocho of Mirage TMNT Volume 4 & Tales of the TMNT Volume 2.

This was a character that I thought would be easy to make at first but ran into many road blocks when working on it.

The biggest problem was consistency which tends to be a problem when basing a toy off of a character that has been drawn by quite a few people.

Not to mention we don't see him in color very often, as the Mirage comics are black & white (besides the covers).
I had to take a bit from other images of volume 4 Foot Soldiers to bring it all together into something I was happy with.

This figure was made using a DC Universe Classics John Stewart figure and lost os sculpting (New hair, straps, katana sheath, leg armor, Arm armor, shoulder armor, foot and hand armor)

I hope you folks out there enjoy him as well.

More to come soon and I hope this time it won't be another 4 months.