Warrior Dragon Part 2

Well here it is the final painted sculpt of my Archie TMNT Adventures Warrior Dragon custom action figure!
This guy took me about a month to do from start to finish and is by far the largest custom I've done thus far.

The base is a marvel legends Fin Fang Foom figure.

I sanded down the entire body, sculpted over the entire body (nails, armor, hair, nose, face hair, back fins, chest, wraps, & collar), & painted the body from head to tail.
This character was rather difficult to pin down design wise, as he was drawn a number of ways over the span of the comics.

I'm dedicating this figure to 2 of my biggest inspirations from my teenage years Ryan Brown & Steve Murphy aka Dean Clarrain.
I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed making it!


Bishop's Gambit

I wasn't very happy with Playmates Toys Bishop figure so I've decided to make my own.
I used a Dc Universe Classics The Question & an Agent Smith head from the Matrix toy line.
I sanded down The Questions neck and placed the Agent Smith head in.
I also sanded down the collar on The Questions coat, sander back Agent Smiths hairline, & sideburns.
I repainted The Questions shirt, coat, pants, & hands.
On Agent Smiths head I repainted the entire head, eyebrows and all.


The Making Of A Warrior

This is the first look at a custom I've been working on for quite some time.

I used a Marvel Legends Fin Fang Foom build a figure to create this custom.

I sanded down the entire body, cut the fins off his face and tail, and sculpted a lot of parts from head to toe!

This is my largest custom to date dwarfing even my Titanus custom.
So without further waiting here are the prepainted Warrior Dragon photos.

Go! Lani! Go!

This custom was made for myself and is of Golani from the Archie TMNT Adventure comics #53 - #54.

Stump Wrestling Leonardo

This custom was made for Technodrome forum member Spitfire and is based on Archie TMNT Adventures #7, #8, & #37.

Stump Wreslting Michelangelo

This custom was made for Technodrome member Spitfire and is based on the Archie Comics TMNT Adventures issues #7, #8, & #37.

A Raph Of A Different Color!

This custom was recently done for Technodrome member Master Splinter and is based on the Archie TMNT Adventures Covers #7, #8, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, & #37
For whatever reason the covers always had him with purple highlights instead of blue that we saw inside the comics.