Belly Bomb is my newest Archie TMNT Adventures custom figure and I couldn't be more excited!
I've wanted a toy of this guy ever since he graced the pages of the comics!
What you see here is the unpainted sculpt of the figure I've been working on.
The painted version will be posted very soon.
He was made using a Marvel Legends Unleashed Doctor Octopus figure and lots of Super Sculpey.

I started out by sanding him down and hallowing out his gut and sculpting his boots.
Next I sculpted the inside of his mouth, tongue, & belt buckle.

Then I sculpted his bottom set of teeth.
Next I made his upper mouth and part of his eye-stalk that I hoped could be articulated.
Next the upper set of teeth are added.

Sadly the eye-stalk could not be articulated so I had to go back and sand down what I had sculpted and remove the neck peg and re-sculpt everything.

Back to sculpting the eye-stalk here, realizing I had to do it in parts.
Next came the eye and eye socket and lots and lots of detail.
Next I sculpt the bumps on the top of his head and the eyes in the palms of his hands.

Now I add the horns.
I did a lot for this last bit as I added the cuffs to his jacket, his jacket, and collar.
Here a front view of this last step.
I hope you enjoyed this step by step look at Belly Bomb as much as I did making him!
I've not done this sort of thing before so please do let me know if you enjoyed it and would to see me do this with more figures.
Next week the fully painted figure!

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