Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X

I thought I would start sharing some of the things I'm working on and the first of them is a figure I've always really never been to happy with because of how it didn't look as it did on the show.
These are all the first photos of my custom Zak the Neutrino, I will be posting photos of the finished figure soon so please keep that in mind.
What I've changed so far on the figure is that I've cut off allot of the extra unneeded detail, sculpted a new nose on his face to match how it looks on the show, and the biggest things where his hair and shoulder pads.
I will also be fixing Dask, Kala, making Kala's Grybyx, as well as making the Star Mobile.
So keep an eye out for all of that as well as a General Traag figure to go along with this set also made completely from another figure.

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Stephan @ The Turtle Van said...

As per usual, your work is fantastic.