Steve Murphy Asked Me what I think TMNT Retro should be so here it goes:
What I think a Retro line should be is a small list of the original cast of the old cartoon the TMNT, Splinter, April, Shredder, Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, a Foot Soldier, and Perhaps General Traag just to even things out a bit in the exact looks they had in either the very first episodes they had been in or during the later season of the show in the first season 8 episode "Get Shredder", I think the characters look top Notch around this time or a little before in the end of season 7.
I'd say give it a chance if it's successful try with a few more characters such as Leatherhead or Slash as they had been in the old toon style for 2 more series.
The title Retro is given because it is marketed towards older fans who grew up with the series and the casual viewer who goes wow krang or bebop I remember them from when I was a kid I want that it looks just like the show and is better than the one I had as a kid, which will happen as let's face it adults want quality items.We're talking retro for everyone but when it comes down to it, it's the adults who would buy these even on a whim.

But you really never know who's going to buy things and I mean no one does not even people who think they know, They want to make TMNT variants make ones like these ideas and not only will you have your variants but you'll be making allot of older fans happy as well and not only that but they will be much better updated versions hopefully done by Neca or by Playmates if they realize that today's action figure market is allot different than it used to be.
By that I mean that figures are very articulated for the most part or have very detailed sculpts and 9 times out of 10 look exactly like the characters they are based on and are in the correct height/ Scale with every other character in the series they come from.
I really can't stress that there is no better time than now to do this with the turtles anniversary around the corner, I feel if this is passed up now it may never happen.

The images are official style guides used for the 80's-90's cartoon series as well as some screen caps as examples of what I'm talking about.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> i know of several people who enjoyed the classic show as kids , and now with kids of their own,: having exposed their own children to the show with the DVDS and such..

Their kids love it alot too .

Honestly i don't see how a line like t his couldn't appeal to kids as well.

The DVDS sell well ..and it is NOT just adult fans watching the classic eps.


Vaughn Michael said...

Good To Know Tokka, you know man you really shouldn't be shy to tell People besides me these things. It only helps our cause!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..another principal being, some parats i've talked to at stores, at my mom's school, on the bus and on the street consider the newer series from '03 just to much for their kids, especially the littler ones.

They appreciate the fact that the initial cartoon had a softer feel and warmth to it that they can't find in the newer gen- of TMNT shows. The newer show is to hard edge for them.

And that's ok. Imagine if their kids could get a newer genration of figures based on the classic show.

Win - Win for a much broader audience than anyone could imagine.


Jeffry White said...

At the very least they should try with the turtles. Even if kids aren't familiar with the old style I can't imagine them selling any worse than music turtles or whatever other variant abomination Playmates thinks is a good idea.

I'm not disappointed with Playmates because they want to make the most money possible, but because they won't even try like this. Just start with the turtles figures and maybe move on from there. Yes, there is a risk, but I doubt that it's as great as they think it is. Just look at NECA, those figures are selling like hotcakes even with people who aren't familiar with the original comic style.

~ tOkKa said...

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