Attack Of The Neutrinos (part 2 in 3 part series)

Well this damn figure (Kala) and her little Pet the Grybyx have taken me forever to finish what with starting a job and trying to get them as perfect as I can so I don't have to hear to much of "I'd have done it this or that way" and then having the Grybyx's arm's break off and having to resculpt him.
I've also been working on a set of 4 custom TMNT for Spitfire, Finishing a painting for a client, and just started working a cd design for a local band. So there hasn't been much time for me to do my own projects and trust me there are allot of TMNT customs I've got lined up.
I was never happy with how Kala was painted and the things she came with, that's why I did this.
One of the hardest parts was trying to do the cartoonish black outlines around the figures as I had to keep going back over and repainting color parts as the paint would get on a little to much.
The other thing that made this so difficult was the fact that the shade of green that they used on Kala's outfit in the show isn't sold in stores so I had to mix quite a few shades together for that and some other things like the Grybyx's eyes.
I really tried as hard as I could though to get these things to look as close to the show, so I hope you enjoy them.


~ tOkKa said...

♥♥ ♥♥

-->> ..very well done ..

.. cool, Daddio ..

It's FROZEN !!


Vaughn Michael said...

lol thanks dave :)

Stephan @ The Turtle Van said...

I love the heavy black outlining.

cohentmnt said...

Great Job! I wouldn't change anything about them. Very inspiring! Can't wait to see more of your work.

Hero_UK said...

Bloody good stuff Vaughn :D.


joe-eyeball said...

The grybyx is freakin awesome Vaughn but I'm sorry I'm not really diggin' the Kala paint job, maybe it's just a little too glossy for my taste. But hey man, don't get me wrong, you've got talent, so keep it up.

joe-eyeball said...

Hey Vaughn, just curious. When is the Murph interview going down. Its been a while since you have mentioned it.

Vaughn Michael said...

Thanks Everyone,
& Joe it's cool I'm doing these for myself so if no one else likes them that's fine I still do.
I went with the black outlines on the figures because I'm trying to make everything match up with the 4 NECA TMNT figures and Mousers.
I agree slightly about the glossyness of the figure but that's how Playmates made her not Me, I was going to repaint her fully but it was taking long enough just with the black outlines.
Some people bitched to me before about using flat paint and they like glossy and as you can see you don't like the glossy.
Folks can still say what they want and I don't mind in the least but I'm done taking peoples suggestions as I can't make everyone happy.
The only person I intend to make happy buy making tuns of custom figures is myself and those who pay me to do them to their specifications.

Yeah on the subject of Murph both He and I have been very very busy so I'm sorry it's taking so long but it will be put together very soon, with the Holidays upon us it's making it allot harder to get things done.