Complete Carnage

So this one I worked on for about 2 weeks as my schedule is very busy right now.
I used a DC Universe Etrigan the Demon figure for the base as it's been made known to me that this is the character Kevin Eastman was inspired by when creating Complete Carnage.
What I did to the figure was: sanded it down from head to toe, took off his bracelets, then went at the head sanding down the horns and nose, I pretty much sculpted a new face over the head extending the jaw so it hangs more like Carnage's does, added the little blocks on top of his head as advised by Ryan Brown (The Spiked head look came later and is sacrilegious according to him), I sliced part of the fin ear things off the side of his head as well to match the number Carnage had on his design, & I also added nipples to his chest as every time we see the character he's had them.
The paint was done using both glossy and flat acrylic paints and several washes of different shades of gray.
This was a very fun character to make and I hope I can make Radical some point down the road as well.
If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.
Oh and if you want to view the images in full size just click them.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> AHH SH8T ~!! !!



Hero_UK said...

That last photo at the end is the best! :D

Another awesome custom there VM.

nacho said...

What a fantastic job!
I wish i could have your talent!

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

That's a nice one, Vaughn! Great stuff.

Vaughn Michael said...

Hey I just wanted to thank you guys for your constant support.

Cowa! said...

Just read one of the old Tales- stories with Radical & Carnage in it this morning and now I see your beautiful done piece of art - great stuff!
You ever did the RatKing (that truely rulez the sewers)?