Hey everyone! A new custom finally!
This time round it's Pestilence of the four horsemen from the Archie TMNT Adventures series.
As you may recall I did a figure of Death a few years back.
Pestilence has always been my favorite of the bunch as his design is just so cool!(We can thank Peter Laird for that)
I do plan to make the other two horsemen in time, but I'm sad to say I'm going to be taking a bit of a break as of this post.
I won't be gone for to long though you can count on that. :)
I made Pestilence by completely sanding down a McFarlane Toys Total Chaos Quartz figure and sculpting over the entire body.
I got the idea for the texture of the figure from an old Toy Biz Spider-Man Swarm figure.
Though I did all of the texturing for this by hand.
I did try to leave as much articulation as possible but it wasn't easy with this one.
And while he isn't my largest custom he is by far the heaviest of the bunch.

I'm really happy with how he turned out and I hope you are as well.

You can catch Pestilence in TMNT Adventures issues #38, #39, & Mighty Mutanimals #6


83rw said...

This is amazing. Awesome work as usual!

Anima Gemini said...

I'm blown away. Fantastic work! Also, he is BIG! I didn't realize he was going to be scale. Awesome!