"Bloodsucker is hungry for Turtles!"

This one took a bit to paint as I had to do more research than usual.
Bloodsucker is from Volume 1 of the Mirage Black & White comic books.
He never even got a cover from the issues he was in so figuring out how to color him was a bit of a challenge.
I decided to go with the color of a real leach instead of the wild yellow color given to the Archie TMNT series character Wyrm.
I went in this direction because most if not all Mirage characters use real life or earth tone colors for the characters.
The figure was made using a Marvel Legends Venom figure that I sanded down.
I replaced his hands and the front of the feet with those from DC Universe Classics Parasite.
The head is completely sculpted besides the mouth tendrils, those are made using little fishing lures.
Thanks for checking this out and up next is Pestilence!


Adam Winters said...

Wow, very nice job on the Bloodsucker! Great use of color!

Toad64 said...

That 3-part comic story (I think it was called The River?) was one of my favorites as a kid. Great job on the figure, sure brings back memories!

Clown Prince of Crime said...

This is friggen' beautiful! Good call on using real leach colors, too! Man, I'd loooove to have this custom figure, as Bloodsucker, as minor of a TMNT character as he was, was always one of my favorites!

Barry Neeson said...

That is an awesome bloodsucker, i was thinking about doing him myself and was looking at the same venom figure, great minds/fools seldom and all that.